There’s nothing like adding a bit of drama to lockdown by amping up our favourite film scores. Boiling an egg? Darning socks? Make the mundane epic courtesy of these massive numbers.

At a time when most of us are thoroughly sick of seeing the walls, desks, and occasionally gardens, of our homes, we’ve been seizing the opportunity to escape vicariously from our confinement and head out into imaginary and historical worlds, as depicted in some of the best (and worst) films of the past century. Yet every journey needs a soundtrack, and this is where some fantastic composers have worked their magic, to spellbinding effect.

Everyone has their own favourite maestro, and we make no apologies for including a comprehensive selection of ours. Some of them are best known for alternate careers in rock and classical music, while others are multi-Oscar-winning legends, and it was hard to pick one single work from their decades-spanning oeuvre. Yet there’s everything here from swashbuckling action to tear-jerking drama, including suspenseful horror, swooning romance and exhilarating thrills. We’ve listened to these a lot, and we hope that you will, as well.

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By Nancy Alsop
April 2020


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