Want to make your posts stand out in the brutally competitive world of social media? Download the Kirakira+ filter app and dazzle your followers today.

Kirakira+ is a highly addictive video and photo app that enhances the sparkle of just about any shiny object imaginable. Its eight filters (called things like Twinkle, Blare and Bling-bling) intensify light reflection; users simply swipe left and right to flip through these filters and add magic to their shots. Launched two years ago, the Japanese-designed app has fast sprinkled its fairy dust all over the fashion world.

Make-up artists, editors, bloggers, celebrities and influencers across the globe are abuzz with this cool way to capture and intensify sparkle in their photos and videos.

Glamour magazine says: “It's so addictive it's become its own verb around the halls of Glamour HQ: ‘Those sequin shoes? I have to Kirakira+ them!’ and ‘I love your glitter nail polish, can I KiraKira+ it?’ It’s practically a girl-on-girl crime to keep a filter this great to yourself.”

Costing 99p, the Kirakira+ app has been ranked the third most popular paid app in Apple’s app store. Though the developer Kentaro Yama has a few glitches yet to work on, Kirakira+’s reviewers say things like:

“So easy to use… bling and sparkle pictures and films. Works perfectly. Love it.”

“Love the app, love the effects and it is great that you can control how dazzling the filter is.”

“This app is great! Adds a really pretty sparkle of your choice to videos.”

Download this one now – after all, the world looks a lot better covered in sparkles.

February 2018