How can you stop the habit of a lifetime? Find out here... It's key to preventing the spread of coronavirus.

As the coronavirus and our battle against it takes over our lives, we have now got into the routine of washing our hands throughout the day. However, there is one aspect about our lives that is more difficult to change: touching our faces. Why is it so difficult to kick the habit?

Touching your nose, eyes and mouth are the perfect source of entry for COVID-19 but by stopping doing this, it is a simple way to add another layer of protection against the virus.

The BBC asked psychologist Natasha Tiwari about why we have this affectation. To find out more, visit

Useful Tips

We've all watched officials and experts at briefings warning against touching your face and then gone on to see them to do exactly what they've told us not to do. Here are a few useful tips on how to stop, or at worst, reduce the number of times you touch your face in an hour.

Learn your face-touching triggers

Become more conscious of when you're touching your face and how often you do it. Is it at a particular time of day or perhaps in a particular situation? Once you've established this, and you'll be surprised, you need to...

Change your habits

There are many other different ways that still give you the same feeling as touching your face, unless of course, it's an itch (more on that below). Think about resting your head against your fingers or resting your chin on your hand. Alternatively, clasp your hands and put them in your lap until the urge has gone. Be creative but just make sure, you avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Use a tissue

If you do need to scratch your nose or rub your eye, use a tissue and then throw the tissue away.

Wear glasses or mittens

If you've got a barrier, such as glasses, this will make you think twice before rubbing your eye. Also wearing eye makeup is a good incentive not to fiddle with your eyes. Panda eyes isn't a great look anyway.

Wash your hands

But really it's all down to hand washing and remember our hands are only clean until the next surface you touch.

March 2020


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