Say hello to recipe boxes from HelloFresh, the company delivering 11 million meals every month. With 50% off your first box.

At certain times in our busy lives, cooking can hit the doldrums. Weekday suppers are played out to the same old recipes using the same old ingredients. It all becomes a bit monotonous, as you wonder how many times you can serve spaghetti carbonara, but help is at hand.

What better way to stir everything up (and we mean literally) than subscribing to HelloFresh's recipe boxes. They supply the ingredients, all you need to cook hearty meals, including the herbs and spices, and the recipes. The result is that you'll start to push the boundaries and try out new dishes. Even better, as you won't be wasting time in a supermarket.

The service appeals to both accomplished cooks and novices, with the latter finding it a great way to getting into cooking. Recipes take between thirty to fifty minutes to cook, using the easy-to-follow instructions, which you can keep for further use. The portions are spot on and there is no waste.


It's incredibly easy to set up an account, where you can choose from meat or vegetarian options. You select the ideal prep time and the number of people you are catering for. Hey presto, recipe boxes will be on their way to you in no time. The service is flexible in that you can skip a week or two if you're away and your account can be controlled from your computer or your smartphone.

Everything on the site looks truly delicious and you can rest assured that HelloFresh uses top producers for ingredients. We've tried the service and give it the thumbs up.


HelloFresh was launched in 2012 by two city high-flyers, Pit Karbe and Patrick Drake who were looking to disrupt the grocery delivery industry. They have more than succeeded, delivering 11 million meals every month; they have created 10,000 recipes (even Jamie Oliver has been involved), are proud to have 1,250,00 customers, 1,253,848 Facebook likes, all of which is serviced by 2,500 employees.


HelloFresh has had lots of great press, from its customers, from leading food bloggers and its Instagram account is followed by legions of fans. A recent review by the very popular American food blog, the Kitchn said about the service "I enjoyed the variety of meals I received from HelloFresh. Each one had fresh ingredients, and produced well-flavoured, ample-sized meals. I was most pleased with the quality and size of the meals..."

Whilst BuzzFeed says, "Moral of the story: If you feel like you’re in a cooking rut and want to try new recipes or master new techniques, HelloFresh is a great option."

We say: give HelloFresh a go. It might well revolutionise your cooking and family meals. GWG visitors can enjoy 50% off their first box, quoting code HFOCT50. The offer expires on 31 Dec 2017.

October 2017