How Heidi Klum’s new fashion range for supermarket Lidl hit eBay.

Who’d have thought it! Heidi Klum collaborating with Lidl! The world-renowned supermodel recently teamed up with the budget supermarket to create a new fashion range. Such is the madness of celebrity endorsement, within hours of the collection being released, half of it had ended up on eBay.

Heidi, 44, designed an exclusive 85-piece line for the German supermarket and it was such a hit when released that items sold at a rate of 106 items per minute. The Esmara collection is designed, by Heidi, to be both affordable and ageless. The 85-piece collection includes lots of leopard print, mini skirts and leather jackets. ‘I could be 25 right now and going to work,’ said Heidi, a mother-of-four. ‘I’m 44. Or I could be 60 wearing this. A young girl can wear my clothes, but I can also see my mother wearing them.’

The morning that the collection was released, there was a mad frenzy with some customers queuing for hours outside the outlets. Within hours of the launch, over half of all skinny jeans and hoodies had sold out, many reappearing on eBay.

October 2017