Some of us spend so much time glued to screens that we’ve forgotten how to speak convincingly in public. No matter — there’s an app for that.

If you’ve lost the art of mere conversation, let alone the ability to give a speech or hold an intelligent debate, you are not alone. We live in a world where 56 per cent of people surveyed claim they prefer to text than to speak. That’s a pretty sorry state of affairs.

Don’t despair, though. A new app called gweek acts as your personal speech coach, whether it’s for a presentation, interview or even first date. Using cutting-edge software involving machine learning and face and voice recognition, gweek — named after a small Cornish village — is one of the leading resources of its kind.

The gweek process is pleasingly simple. You download the app, select a speaking topic, talk for one to two minutes, receive a gweek score and personalised feedback – and then progress to the next level (there are four).

Founder and CEO James Bryce is a linguist and communication analyst. He and the gweek team have spent 20 years researching effective methods of communication; their award-winning app is a result of over 10,000 hours of speech analysis.

Bryce says: “We all possess speech intelligence and have the right to exercise the amazing power of speaking with impact, yet we’ve never been told the basic stuff which unlocks everything.”

Gweek’s advanced technology understands the nuances of effective communication. Its carefully developed algorithms apply to everyone. If powerful conversation is to survive the digital age, this is one crucial tool.

Reviewers are keen. “Amazing concept and a very easy-to-use app,” says one. “It’s only been a few days with the app but it has already worked wonders,” says another.

Cower in the corner no more. As the company’s chief marketing officer says: “We are looking forward to people speaking gweek.”

January 2019