Introducing the Global Food Tech Map, an interactive tool that gathers together the world’s most innovative food tech startups in one easy-to-use database.

By 2050 the global population will be almost 10 billion. That means that, by 2050, we will need to have found a way to feed 10 billion mouths.

Luckily, the responsibility for finding a way to produce enough food does not rest entirely on yours and my shoulders. There is an entire and burgeoning industry that does just that. Enter, the food tech industry, in which startups around the world develop clever technologies to improve how we produce, distribute and store food.

Since around 2012, this sector has been flying, attracting investment from food giants. According to industry website, “Food-related startup investments soared 152 per cent to total $5.7 billion in 2015.”

With so much going on, the people behind the Global Food Tech Map decided to create a single database that allows you to keep track of the food tech sector in one interactive map and search for food tech startups by location or category.

To make your search as straightforward as possible, they’ve created 10 categories: consumer app; food delivery; smart appliances and kitchen management; next-gen food and drinks; direct to consumer; ag-tech; food processing; surplus and waste; food safety; and meals and drinks on demand.

The Global Food Tech Map’s founder and CEO, Alessio D’Antino, says: “By constantly enriching its content via users’ contributions and partners, we envision The Global Food Tech Map to be the most relevant mapping tool of the state of innovation in the food and ag-tech sector.

“With a curated database of 1,000+ startups globally, we aim to raise awareness about their latest developments to help corporate investors understand the ecosystem and ultimately spark meaningful collaborations between the two.”

Thank goodness there are people out there fizzing with the energy and capacity to take things like this on. Here at the Good Web Guide, we take our hats off to them.

June 2018