Cancelled! Funniest tweets from the joke that was #fyrefestival.

No glossing about, the Fyre Festival in the Caribbean was nothing short of a ‘post-apocalyptic nightmare’ according to a lawsuit against the festival’s creators.

Music lovers, who had signed up to a luxury music festival, were left stranded in the Bahamas when organisers (or dare we say, scam artists) postponed the event last minute. Tickets cost up to £12,000 included a flight from Miami, a stay in the ‘geodesic done’ and activities including yoga and kayaking. When the attendees arrived on the island, they found a makeshift tent city, no music and some cheese sandwiches. ‘Things got off to an unexpected start at day one of Fyre Festival,’ said organisers on their Instagram page as flights to the event were cancelled. The festival has been officially postponed after reports of no security and cancelled flights.

See hilarious tweets from ‘Fyre Festival survivor’ William N.Finley IV who was documenting the event, or lack of, on social media.

And other folk who saw the humour:

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