There are so many travel blogs out there, where do you start. By asking an expert, of course.

We ask Italian travel expert, Jo Mackay, founder of Bookings For You, the specialists in villa and apartment rentals in Italy and France, to share some of her favourite bloggers. She came up with these gems.

Girl in Florence

With our passion for Italy, it’s perhaps not a surprise that a number of our favourite blogs have a heavy Italian focus. With ‘Girl in Florence’, Georgette Jupe brings to life what it’s like to live in Italy. Born and bred in America but now living in Florence, Georgette shares all the best bits of the city and region with her readership. We love reading her regular guides to what’s on in the city and always make the most of her recommendations on where to eat and shop whenever we visit the city!

Mamma Prada

Kristie shares with her readers what it’s like to suddenly be part of an Italian family, having married an Italian. She regularly keeps me entertained with her candid insights into Italian culture but she also has some great insights into what it’s like to raise bilingual children. With her focus on writing not just in English but also in Italian, it offers me a chance to keep practising my Italian skills in nice easy snippets!

Travel Loving Family

Whilst not focused on Italy, Lisa writes some great travel articles, always with a family friendly hat on. We love her laid back style and her warm personality always comes across in her articles.

A Luxury Travel Blog

Paul posts some superb quality articles inspiring travel all over the world. Whilst I may have a passion for Italy first and foremost, I have a love of travel in general and ‘A Luxury Travel Blog’ is always my first port of call when looking for travel inspiration or for finding out about a new area of the world I’m interested in visiting. With plenty of guest posts, there is an eclectic mix of writing styles too creating a really interesting read at all times.

Orna O’Reilly: Travelling Italy

Orna now lives in Ostuni, Puglia. As possibly our favourite region in Italy, and with a long term plan to potentially spend a few months living there at some point in my life, I love reading her articles on what daily life is like there. They are also great articles for anyone travelling to Italy first time as she really de-mystifies what it’s like to spend time there, even to the most basis level of what you can expect when visiting the local supermarket!

January 2019