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Here Ibolya Nemeth,, Managing Director, shares some favourite blogs...

It's Nice That

I love my daily fix of It’s Nice That, which covers photography, film, illustration, graphic design and much more. It was founded back in 2007 just like Bob Books and I have been following them ever since. They cover such a broad spectrum of creativity, it’s my first port of call if ever I need a boost of inspiration.

Brain Pickings

Not sure where I would be without Maria Popova’s Brainpickings. She has such a unique way of exposing you to writers, poets, philosophers with brilliantly targeted recommendations. This site constantly reminds me of the importance of the written word in an increasingly visually orientated world. Brainpickings has helped me discover more of Hermann Hesse, Seneca and Sam Shepard as well as becoming more deeply submerged in Simone de Beauvoir, Laura Riding and Nina Simone. A recent highlight for me was ‘Everybody should be quiet near a little stream and listen’ by Ruth Krauss


Fubiz is another source to dip into for daily a dose of inspiration. Founded by Romain Colin, it’s been going for about ten years. The site hosts all the latest news from the creative world and celebrates the worldwide community of designers, art directors and creative agencies.

Cooking on a Bootstrap

Food poverty campaigner, political activist and budget cooking expert Jack Monroe, whose blog, A Girl Called Jack, has drawn attention to the crucial issue of poverty in the UK. She started her blog when she found herself as a single mum with a budget of £10 a week, creating nutritious recipes. It’s a very different food blog from other fashionable, trendy blogs, and is very inspiring.

The Guardian

If like me, you are passionate about movies then I can’t recommend the Guardian’s film blog highly enough. It features contributors like Peter Bradshaw, Steve Rose, Andrew Pulver amongst many other great writers on film. It’s so easy to become immersed in the prose and provides wonderful drop off point into the movies which truly deserve to be seen.

My New Roots

My love of food makes me explore different food sites, I have given up meat in the past year and Sarah’s plant-based recipes, beautiful bright photography completely inspires me. I also want my family to eat healthily and when my children look at her images, even they get excited about all those colourful photos and can’t wait to eat the result. [We say: the site is being relaunched soon so you're best to check out their Instagram account.]

The Pool

I’m sure everyone knows The Pool by now, brainchild of Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker? It’s an obvious one but they simply make consistently interesting and original content, from politics to film, art, fashion and food. I love that they are very strict on who they work with and don’t get their content compromised by big companies paying them. [We say: yes, this is not strictly a blog but as Ibolya says, if you haven't heard of The Pool already, head over there now.]

September 2018