Kate Peers, writer, social media guru and co-owner of the 2019 GWG Award-winning Department Store For The Mind on being kind to yourself this January.

There can be a tendency to head into a new year all guns blazing, with huge expectations for change, and an unconscious pressure on ourselves to lose weight, drink less and exercise more. Believe us when we say, we really have all been there.

What we encourage at Department Store For The Mind are small changes, simple reminders for daily awareness of our actions and thoughts. As we head back to work and, for some of us, the blues set in, it seems an apposite time to share a few of our favourite places to head to in order to be more mindful.

Ten Percent Happier
This app is our favourite for learning about mindfulness. Set up by US news anchorman Dan Harris after a panic attack live on air, he talks to meditation experts across the world about becoming more mindful and, in the process, he has moved from sceptic to meditator. After each lesson, there is a ten-minute meditation. If he can do it, anyone can do it.

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse
Charlie Mackesy has, undoubtedly, created a masterpiece with this book; we absolutely knew that we wanted to stock it the minute we saw it. It features beautiful pieces of art on each page, alongside equally beautiful words to remind us all that we are loved and that we are enough. Reprinted several times already since its launch in November, this book should be on every bedside in the country.

Conversations of Inspiration with Holly Tucker
Entrepreneur, and founder of both Not On The High Street and the eponymous Holly and Co, Holly Tucker interviews some of the most inspirational business owners on her podcast. Spanning the likes of Jonny Boden to Rob Ryan, the deep-dive chats are motivational and emotional, covering a range of topics, including taking care of your mental health while running and building a business using your authentic self.

As You Are
The Department Store for the Mind has created four books with Octopus Publishing and this one is the most popular. It is, at its heart, a guide to letting go of comparison and seeing the good stuff inside, and it features ten beautifully illustrated real-life stories to help everyone learn to accept and warm to their own individual ways; after all, self-acceptance is the rock under our feet. An easy read for anyone feeling wobbly or unsure about how to know and be their unique self, it is a good resource for anyone riding a wave of self-doubt who could do with a helping hand to have the confidence just to be and shine again inside.

Happy Self and Record Of Good Things
One of the ways to be mindful about our lives, our surroundings and to slow ourselves down is to note what we are grateful for each day. The benefits of keeping a gratitude journal are immediate and last longer with practice; the more we do it, the longer the effects last into the rest of our day. Scientific studies have proven that being grateful on a daily basis makes people happier and healthier.


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By Kate Peers
January 2020