Manage your family’s prepaid services in one App

Apps are designed to make our lives easier and yet do you get driven round the bend when you forget passwords for each different site? It’s a common problem and the premise for startup, Kwikpay. This is the first digital platform for top up prepaid mobile and prepaid services. It markets itself as the ‘fast and convenient way to manage and control all your prepaid services in one app.’ Kwikpay is opening up shares via a crowdfunding programme with

Kwikpay went live last year and aims to become a platform for top up of any prepaid service. Already, you can top up any mobile operator in one place, not just your own but also your family's from one app. They have recently added XBOX and intend to add Nintendo, Spotify, Skype, Deezer and Kobo to Kwikpay.

Kwikpay is pledging to raise £150,000 and offering 3.73% equity. The valuation pre-money is £3,875,599.

January 2017