With routines all out of whack, who doesn’t need some energising songs to get you started in the morning?

Whether you’re still working or not, the temptation to stay in pyjamas and get up later and later is real for many of us non super humans. And who could blame us? We’re already half way to the ‘what day is it/who even cares/ what’s my name/ what is any of this/ Is it time to eat again?’ stage usually reserved for the last days of decadence at Christmas. Except, of course, now we can’t give ourselves a dose of grounding reality by seeing a nice normal friend, or going for a restorative long walk (to the pub).

We’re all for cutting ourselves some slack as we navigate these strange days and yawning great weeks ahead. But the latent sensible part of us also knows that to feel good, we do need to insist on some basic measures, like not getting up at noon (we have kids; that one’s more in the realms of fantasy sloth), and getting dressed in clothes that are halfway respectable. We’ve found that if we feel motivated first thing, we’re more likely to get things done, whether that’s clearing the odds and ends drawer, doing something creative or setting up imaginative activities for small, easily bored folk.

From the soothing yet motivating tones of Grieg to energising Fleetwood Mac, these tunes always help to put us in the right frame of mind. Here’s to a positive day.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify.

By Nancy Alsop
April 2020


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