Skin Salveation

If you suffer from eczema or winter itch (dry skin), help is at hand.

If you suffer from eczema or a dry skin condition, you'll no doubt have tried a number of skincare solutions to relieve the symptoms of itchy skin, sometimes with little or no effect. Skin Salveation is here to help with its carefully devised skincare programme.


It all started way back when a group of miners in County Durham, who were suffering from inflamed skin, discovered that a natural combination of ingredients using palm oil and silicon salt, eased the condition. Needless to say, news of this natural remedy soon spread, when in the mid 90s, Dr. Stephen Randle and Dr. Stephen Drew began trials which proved conclusively that the soap formulation was having a beneficial effect on even the most chronic cases. Expert chemists were enrolled to analyse the formula and were able to modify it to grown the range to include moisturiser and other products. Skin Salveation has grown its reputation with its eczema treatment products being recognised worldwide. The company's products were featured in an article in the Daily Mail.

Over 90% of users have seen an improvement in their skin condition, using the specifically formulated skin cleansing plan, that softens and smooths dry, itchy and scaly skin. The products can also be used on infants.


Firstly, it is important not to use any other skin care, bath foam, soap, shampoo, deodorant, perfume, aftershave, or washing powder for the duration of the programme, as this may interfere with its effectiveness. The eight week skin care programme is a two stage process, containing eczema treatment soap and laundry powder, which softens, smooths and protects your skin. You'll need to follow the directions carefully.


These fragrance free products are parabens and lanolin free and provide a natural boost to the skin's own defences. The range includes face and body cream, lip balm and SLS free shampoo. Dermasalve is a natural way to beat eczema and will combat itching, sore skin and rashes.

November 2012