The Natural Skincare Company

Ensuring that everything that goes on your skin is good for it.

Frustrated with being unable to find chemical-free or organic skincare products in the UK, Amanda McGillivray decided to start up The Natural Skincare Company in 2003. Amanda started small, selling her carefully sourced products at fairs and sales, until a website was required to deal with the overwhelming volume of demand.


Everything sold by The Natural Skincare Company is tested by Amanda and her family, and absolutely not on animals! Amanda works hard to research the ingredients and processes involved in the making of each product. Nothing sold on the site contains any harmful ingredients, parabens, SLS or artificial colours.


The Natural Skincare Company
made the decision to concentrate on a few select brands to ensure that they only sell products which truly meet with their criteria of supplying organic and natural beauty products that actually work. The brands featured on the site include Paul Penders, Caribbean Blue, and a new brand to the UK from New Zealand, called geoskincare. With sections of the site devoted to natural products for men, babies and vegans, as well as health supplements and organic make-up, there should be something for everyone here.


Paul Penders and his family have a long history in the world of natural skincare dating back 100 years. A stringent animal rights activist, Paul has also travelled the world in search of pure ingredients. His travels took him to the Malaysian rainforest, where there is an abundance of exotic herbs and plants packed with useful properties. Through collaboration with the University of Technology of Malaysia a ground-breaking skincare range has been developed, all of which can be bought online at The Natural Skincare Company.


Along with all the lovely products available to buy on the site, you can read articles about harmful skincare (such as the dangers of SLS and Parabens), as well as about advances in organic products and skincare technology. You will also find plenty of information on each product, and reviews from The Natural Skincare Company customers, all of which should allow you to make a fully informed decision about what you want to put on your skin!

November 2011