Everything from certified organic make-up to perfume, men's grooming products, organic skincare and baby balms.

The Being Content concept was created by Imelda Burke, who nine years ago, became interested in using natural beauty products as an alternative to the synthetic chemical concoctions marketed at men and women today.

Imelda's research led her to a number of unsettling facts. For example, did you know that an estimated 100,000 synthetic chemicals are currently registered for use in the US, and fewer than 10 percent of them have been tested for their effects on human health? That these chemicals are finding their way into everyday cosmetics is alarming by anyone’s standards and all the more reason to visit Being Content, which stocks everything from natural skincare to organic make-up.


A cleanly designed site, Being Content’s wide range of natural skincare products can be browsed via a number of letters across the top of the page: S for Skincare, B for Body & Bath, F for Family, M for Men and so on. By clicking on a letter, you can browse products by category (ie. eyes, lips, cheeks), type (ie. acne prone, dry, sensitive) and ethos (ie. made in the UK, vegan, carbon neutral). Brands include Strange Invisible Perfumes, Stem Organics, Dr Alkaitis, Rms Beauty and many more. If you wish to learn more about each ingredient, which ingredients Being Content avoids and more about the skincare industry in general, simply click on K for Knowledge.


Complimenting the range of organic skincare, Being Content has a health & beauty Clinic. This offers Wellbeing Programmes involving naturopathic consultations for those suffering Skin, Digestive, Immunity, Reproductive and many other health problems; it also offers a range of Beauty Treatments and recently scooped Wallpaper Magazine’s 2009 Award for Best Facial. In addition to this Being Content has recently launched an online magazine, with many fascinating articles and news stories relating to health and organic beauty as well as the environment in general. A thorough and thoroughly impressive site.