Health and Fitness Magazine

Fans of the magazine will find little new here other than community interaction, but for those not familiar with the down-to-earth, informative approach of Health and Fitness, this is definitely a site to bookmark. You don’t have to be an exercise freak either…in fact, they’ll tell you why you shouldn’t be.

Health and Fitness magazine is the UK’s leading title for active women and those who would like to be so. Although aimed at general consumers, it is highly respected by professionals in the health and fitness trade because it is not as beauty-oriented as many of its superficial competitors. The site has a fun design with images of girls leaping everywhere, but it can be hard to read the white writing from a pale blue background. The homepage offers several entry points, with menu strips along the top and right-hand side of the screen, and latest features highlighted in the centre. Alternatively, you can search the site by keyword from the box at the top left.


Diary features dance arts, fitness and cooking events around the UK on a weekly basis and provides contact details.

Preview covers the latest book and video releases in the areas of health, exercise, nutrition, self-help, and complementary therapies.

News is updated weekly and features an archive of previous reports.

Forum allows you to post a question or message to other visitors. This section is well-attended and there seems to be a particular enthusiasm for running.

Buyer’s Guide offers terrestrial addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of various businesses around the UK. Whether you need a supplier of exercise gear, Pilates classes, or a health farm, this is the place to come.

Features is a large section with lengthy, in-depth consideration of issues such as vitamin supplementation, why running is the best exercise for cardiovascular health, how to recognise good training shoes, and how to get a gym-style workout at home.

Health Update includes a brief current news story plus a selection of links to sites such as the NHS. Other pages are run along similar lines, including Frontlines, Fitness Matters, Food Matters, and Mind & Body.

Register offers fortnightly emails from personal trainer Jamie Forman as well as the opportunity to win a Reebok exercise cycle.


Visitor’s poll, site search, subscriptions, information about the magazine, and book sales through WH Smith. Links are well chosen and are featured within the pages devoted to each subject area, which is a useful approach.