This year's Oscars inspired us to gather up the best celeb news sites - so sink your teeth into these juicy domains...

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again – we’ve had the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and the Baftas – and not to forget, the event that puts even the starriest gathering of global events in the shade - yes, we're talking of The Oscars. This is the month when even hardened anti-Hollywood types steal a quick peek at the legion of award-worthy dresses trundling up and down the red carpet. Tune in now and be party to all the hype – who won, who was wearing what, and finally whose paycheck is going to soar right through the clouds above Hollywood. Go on, you know you want to…

E! News

This American website is a bastion to all things celebrity. With polls, high-res images, and not to mention ‘hasthag of the day’ along with all the latest shenanigans aplenty – you can’t fail to be kept right up to date on all the happenings in tinsel town. Just keep your window minimised – especially if you’re at work…

The Daily Mail

Well now – no list of this nature would be complete without a nod to the nation’s greatest guilty pleasure… It may be teeming with typos, but the news is as fresh as a daisy, with a never-ending stream of gossip that to be honest beggars belief (HOW do they do it?) and consumes many more waking hours than it probably should. Which quite frankly is always the sign of a great website.

Perez Hilton

The King of US Gossip, give it up for Perez Hilton, the exuberant character with hair the colour of the rainbow and a blog with a readership that goes into the millions. It all started with a humble little page recording the daily comings and goings of Lindsay, Kim and Kanye (before they had merged into 'Kimye'), but within a few short years Hilton was making friends with the celebs themselves and turning up at all manner of starry events. Definitely worth a peep (in your downtime of course).

US Weekly

Since most of the gossip we read here in the UK comes from the good old US of A, it makes sense to scour the site of one of the top gossip mags from across the pond. US Weekly has it all – and in droves; celeb sightings, top Hollywood coverage – and a few law suits with some A-listers over the years – what more could you ask for?


Gawker certainly deserves its place on the list with a vast array of celebrity news interspersed with current affairs. If it’s trending, shocking and likely to send all manner of PR’s into a client induced fluster – no doubt you’ll find it on Gawker. Enough said…


Now for some homegrown talent – let's give it up for Popbitch – the ludicrously addictive site that holds no prisoners when it comes to regaling us with the finer points of celebrity insanity and bad behaviour. Whilst it may lack the design finesse of the larger sites – you’ll notice a vast number of stories in its weekly newsletter find their way into the tabloids pretty darn quickly.

Pink is the New Blog

If ever there was a contender to the Perez Hilton crown – then this is it. The site is chock full of witty observations via cleverly photoshopped appendices to the images that flood our consciousness on a regular basis. If you’re thinking it – chances are that Pink has said it.

Go Fug Yourself

‘Because Fugly is the New Pretty’ – yes that’s the tagline and despite some confusion over exactly what this means – we have to draw your attention to a seriously well designed site full of thoughtfully curated content on the celebrity goings on du jour. If there’s a celebrity event of any importance in the world – Go Fugly will have covered it. Which, quite frankly, is all you need to know.

February 2013.