During the year, we do a round up of best sites based around a theme, these were the most popular in 2017.

To round off 2017, we take a look at the pages you liked the most, the ones that garnered the most clicks and hopefully, solved a problem or set you off in a new direction online.

These are the pages that clearly hit the spot.

Ordering flowers online

Receiving and giving flowers is universally a wonderful act of thoughtfulness. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy, or is that just us? However, the net is a jungle when it comes to choosing online florists. You don’t want to get caught out giving supermarket-standard flowers, and you don’t want to get ripped off either. Discover how Tom Ford sends his flowers, the letterbox blooms and Vanity Fair’s favourite flower website with our pick of online florists.

Self motivation

As the infamous quote says, 'Time once squandered is lost forever.' Are you plodding along with life, or do you fancy kick-starting bigger plans? We’re here to help motivate you achieve more. It's one thing going to work, coming home, cracking open a bottle of wine and clocking off for the day, but it's another to really live; to get up at six a.m and work on that novel for two hours, to train for that marathon, to set up that start up. We scoured the web to come up with the very best sites for self-motivating - now all you have to do is STEP UP!

Self publishing

Self-published authors were once the subject of literary mockery. Laugh no longer. The traditional publishing model was turned on its head by the internet and 2017 saw increased competition between Indie authors and traditional publishers. Do you have a book up your sleeve? Go on people, your time is now. We bring you the best sites you need to know about self-publishing.

Digital Kids

What with kids spending inordinate amounts of time on their smartphones, why not get them to use their time wisely. Try these apps to propel your child's learning and understanding of life.

Digital Nomads

People are increasingly throwing off the stranglehold of the classic desk job by working remotely, from whichever desk happens to be nearest (preferably with a glorious view in a tropical location). Yes, it seems digital nomads are on the rise. Thanks to the digital revolution, illustrators, graphic designers, programmers, copywriters and more besides are now able to travel the world and work at the same time. Think this rootless lifestyle could be just the thing for you? Here are the sites that can help you tread the path of a digital nomad.


Post - actual, physical post - is becoming increasingly obsolete. Paperless is clearly the way to go (no postal charges, not to mention it's environmentally friendly) and there's no chance of an important message getting lost on the way (and if it does? Why, just hit 'resend'). If you've done a total ostrich and forgotten it's somebody's birthday on Friday - why not send them an e-message? Or you're about to embark on writing thank you letters post Christmas? Opt for paperless and it will reach the desired recipient in a heartbeat.

December 2017