Busy mind? Allow Natalia Vodianova to help you get some restorative sleep thanks to Loóna, her new app.

Are you a ‘coronasomniac’? Since Covid reared its ugly head, sleep problems have gripped the world like never before. We are tired. So very tired. Supermodel and tech investor Natalia Vodianova believes her new sleep app Loóna helps overcome stress-related insomnia. She is not alone. Loóna won the title of ‘Best App’ in Google’s Best of 2020 awards.

Why So Snoozy?

Experts have coined the term coronasomnia to summarise the number of people struggling to sleep due to the pandemic. Health scares, the socio-economic situation, increased alcohol consumption, disrupted routines and less active lifestyles have turned us into a (miserable) nation of insomniacs.

The events of the past twelve months created a booming sleep aid market. Silk pillowcase sales at John Lewis are up by 533 per cent and Mela’s weighted blanket sales have increased by 250 per cent. Inevitably, sleep support apps have seen significant growth in downloads and subscriptions.

‘Sleep is vital for maintaining a healthy body and mind,’ says Natalia who has backed several successful tech ventures. ‘They say that you are what you eat, but we are as good as the quality of our sleep. When the guys pitched Loóna to me, I thought, ‘This can really improve people’s quality of life.’’

Can Insomnia Be Fixed By Natalia’s Sleep App?

As anxiety and stress grow, people’s sleep patterns and REM sleep can be disrupted. Loóna operates on the premise that insomniacs must learn how to unwind through activity-based visual and aural relaxation. The app supports guided colouring, storytelling and ambient music. This mood-altering experience will shut out the negative emotions that accumulate during the day and are processed during sleep. Once the anxiety can be eased, sufferers can relax and drift off.

‘I find it really activates all your senses and distracts you from the things you were carrying with you throughout your day,’ says Natalia. ‘Loóna is unique in that it taps into many senses and feelings at once – visuals, sound, relaxation, satisfaction. There’s also only one sleepscape to colour in, so for those who feel the constant need to do more, there isn’t that option. You have to think in advance that you are working your mind towards calming down and being ready to sleep.’

‘Loóna is made for people like me. When I’m at my busiest, I find it hard to sit down and meditate. A calm voice guides you through meditation, so you don’t have to think too much, but at the same time, you feel a sense of accomplishment. It invites you to colour in a beautiful sleepscape and tells you a story, gently occupying your mind so you can escape into the world of sleep.’

Are People Convinced?

Coronasomnia is a vicious circle. When you can’t sleep, the more you worry about it. As a result, insomniacs will do anything to self-medicate. Last October, Loóna announced that its average conversion rate from trail to paid subscriber was 52.5 per cent. It has over 500,000 users and the daily average time spent was 34 minutes for subscribers.

By Annabel Jack
April 2021

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