Best Sites for The Paralympics 2012

We choose the essential sites to keep up with news from London 2012.

Wow what a year it’s been; we had the Jubilee, we had the Olympics, we even had Prince Harry playing naked billiards! And just when you thought there was nothing else to look forward to, we’ve got another awe inspiring sporting event up our sleeves…

Get ready folks because those Olympics lanes will be in use again as London gears up for the Paralympics.

If there’s a more life-affirming event out there in the cosmos, we certainly can’t think of one. In light of this, here are our favourite sites to help you prepare…


The official site of the British Paralympics Association, this is another destination domain for ardent spectators of the sport. The site is a veritable encyclopedia of stats, information and up to the second reporting on the events that will most likely move us to tears. Just looking at this domain makes us excited.

London 2012

Second up is London 2012, logistically the best resource to work out where to go, how to get there are imminent. Updated minute-by-minute, you won’t miss a trick with this comprehensive guide to all things Paralympian.

Tickets London 2012

If it’s just tickets you’re after then join the throngs logging onto, yes there is still a chance you can get some, and be a spectator to one of the greatest sporting events this country has ever seen. Log on now! In years to come, you’ll be glad you did…

Channel 4

Channel Four has done some serious groundwork on their Paralympics coverage and for this we salute them. The official broadcaster of the 2012 Paralympic Games and for good reason, you can also contribute your opinion at their handy Twitter feed (@C4Paralympics). Even better the site plays host to a live commentary feed, (keep it in the bottom hand corner of your computer to stay abreast of all the developments whilst you’re at work…)

Inside World Parasport

Looking for a deeper understanding of the challenges inherent in becoming the next Paralympian? Then look no further than Inside the World of Parasport. With a brilliant ‘Inside the Blogs’ feature you can keep abreast of opinions as well as results. Want to find out more about the history of the games? Then delve right in, there’s even a job search facility for those of you inspired to make a career change.

Get Ahead of the Games

The Get Ahead of the Games site helped us get to work on time during the Olympics, and it continues its work now The Paralympics are around the corner. Don’t want to be an hour late for dinner? Then plan your journey with Get Ahead of the Games and make sure to avoid going by high-activity stations or roads. It’s simple – but we couldn’t live without it.

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