Is your garden furniture worthy of glorious occasions? Here, we reveal the sites that offer outdoor tables, chairs and loungers to suit every budget and style.

Suddenly, it is all lunch in the dappled shade and al fresco drinks on the terrace. You may know a good pale rose when you see one – but is your garden furniture worthy of these glorious occasions? Here, we reveal the sites that offer outdoor tables, chairs and loungers to suit every budget and style.


Garden Trading may be best known for the enamelware that it sells in a range of delicious colours. Dig deeper, though, and you will find all that you need for rustic al fresco living. To die for is their “Aldsworth Potting Table”; we suggest you find a home for it in your garden, even if you don’t intend to sow a single seed.


At Bridgman, they’ve been making garden furniture since 1977. Forty years haven’t dulled their attention to quality and detail, however. In 2001, they became the first company in the UK to supply garden furniture made of rattan. Then, in 2011, they became the first company in the UK to supply fully waterproof cushions. Beautifully crafted and delivered for free within days, Bridgman furniture is always a classy choice.


Launched in 2001 as a superior alternative to the plethora of furniture catalogues around at the time, Cox and Cox have got outdoor living sussed. They offer a stylish and eclectic mix of everything from planters to table and chair sets. Our pick is the “Double Metal Lounger” – never has laziness looked more elegant.


This year’s outdoor range from our sassy Swedish friends is practical, stylish and reasonably priced – just as you’d expect it to be. You will find whatever it is that your garden lacks here – and, better still, it won’t break the bank. We are particularly impressed by the “Charcoal Barbecue” and its snazzy, built-in thermometer.


If you could exist in the pages of this website, you’d never need to go on holiday. Immerse yourself in these beautifully rendered pieces of garden furniture, outdoor mattresses, scatter cushions, picnic baskets and acrylic glassware. We want a set of four Aubrey Piped Seat Pads asap.


The first product ever made by the people at Neptune was a hammock. They sure know how to marry comfort and style in the modern home, and they treat outdoor spaces as extensions of the indoor ones. Will it be marble, teak or wicker? Is your aesthetic modern, classic or romantic? A peruse of this website will soothe your sweaty soul.


Raise the bar at your next garden gathering with goodies from the Raj Tent Club. Through this perky website, you can buy tents, pergolas and parasols that will make grown women weep with envy. Bear in mind that it will then be up to you to make your food as exquisite as your furniture…


John Lewis has taken with gusto to our increasing desire to live life outdoors. Reliably good quality is teemed here with a range of price points. They stock everything you need for al fresco fun – from plastic wine glasses to parasols to any number of tables, chairs and loungers.


Just one stick of furniture from Indian Ocean will transform your garden into a world-class hotel. Contemporary luxury is the order of the day here – and it is not a website for the fainthearted. Exceptionally sophisticated and inspirational design results in cushions, kitchens and sofa sets that are fit for a king.


Decking out your house or garden in OKA kit makes you feel as though you are living some kind of dream. Do you favour an English country vibe? A Caribbean one? Or are you more of a pool party in the Hamptons type of person? OKA’s outdoor furniture reflects each and every one of these fantasies. We’d like a dozen of their Newport dining chairs in time for this weekend, please.

July 2017