Best Sites for Freelancers

No need to tighten that belt - we've found the best domains for freelancers to earn extra cash...

It’s a brand spanking New Year, a new month - and also a whole new Mayan calendar! We survived the suspected apocalypse, but there are a whole legion of workers cast under the dark shadow of January blues. Yes Christmas is a difficult time of year for anyone who’s self employed; not only is there the dreaded January 31st tax deadline looming, but the time taken off for a much needed Xmas break can result in some serious tightening of the belts in the first few months of the year. If you’re a freelancer heading straight into a frugal February, then these sites might well help bring some extra cash in.

One of the best-known online portals for the self employed, Freelancer hosts a comprehensive compendium of jobs that are well regulated, with checks on both sides of the fence. At the time of writing well over 1 billion dollars worth of work had been posted on the site. A figure not to be sniffed at.


People Per Hour is a UK based site similar to Freelancer, that comes complete with stringent security measures (such as escrow accounts) to ensure both parties are happy with the work, and funds are ready and waiting before work begins. Whilst on all sites like this you may find the occasional chancer looking for work at a ridiculously low rate, People Per Hour are quick to act on any suspicious activity, plus there are some incredible hidden gems – particularly for the professional writer.

Referring to itself as ‘the largest marketplace for online talent,’ Guru is another destination domain for those seeking to work remotely. It’s free to post projects and there’s even the ‘Guru Answers’ section with no end of useful advice on getting work, dealing with employers and seeing those £££’s come rolling in.


If you’re well and truly over the freelance lifestyle then perhaps it’s time to look for a permanent position? This site offers a slick sharp interface packed with permanent jobs that will have you back to work faster than you can say ‘I’m sick of being a freelancer!’


Don’t make the cardinal mistake of thinking that just because you’re freelance you don’t have ‘rights’. There are a legion of employers out there who take advantage of freelancers, in order to profit from the ‘grey area’ covering taxes, national insurance payments and holiday allowances. Keep up to date on current legislation at Freelance Advisor.


For international freelancers this simply has to be the best site on the planet, whether you are a writer, programmer, translator or a business analyst. It’s free to get started and boasts of over 500,000 businesses and 2 million professionals in more than 150 countries - and over a million jobs are completed with yearly. Need we say more?

At Odesk contractors come in many shapes and sizes, from experts in web development, design and multimedia, right through to customer service. Track your progress as you continue to earn, set a fixed rate to guarantee the pay you deserve and begin to make your living – now!


Freelance Switch is where the experts go to make it happen, with a global range of freelancers working in every field from blogging to illustrating and virtually every kind of work there is. Check out their excellent guidance on tax, stating your hourly rate and how, when and where to expand your work opportunities. Their forum lets you communicate with fellow freelancers, which is sure to create a strong and vibrant community - keeping morale high.


Finding the path to being a writer can be tricky, which is exactly where FWJ comes in. There’s some great advice on how to make your article completely unique, and endless sympathy with the challenges of being a freelance writer. If you’re a blogger, editor or publisher, this site is sure to spur you forwards.

February 2013.