How to make money from your possessions: five sites to unlock your assets in 2019.

It’s a new year and a new you... and what better time of year to overhaul your finances. Did you know you could be sitting (literally) on thousands of pounds worth of money-earning potential in the form of the possessions you already own?

The sharing economy is booming and it’s easy to see why. We spoke to Graeme Risby from hiyacar for top money-making hacks for unlocking your assets in 2019.

1. Share your idle car with hiyacar

Did you know the average car in the UK is used for just one hour a day? That’s 23 hours a day when it could be earning you money. Earn up to £1,000 a month just by lending out your car to your neighbour. That’s enough to pay for your next holiday without dipping into you wages.

Hiyacar is the first true peer-to-peer car sharing platform with keyless QuickStart technology, which means you don’t even need to bother with the hassle of handing over your car keys. The nifty tech means the person can unlock the car with the free and secure app. You also don’t need to worry about security of the insurance either – that’s all covered by a special policy that won’t impact on your existing policy. Rental fees start from as little as £18 a day to a Toyota Aygo to £127 a day for an Audi A5.

Just ask Megan… After seeing an advert on Instagram in March, Megan decided to find out more information on hiyacar and registered her car on the platform. Since then she has earned nearly £1,000 by renting her car out every other week. Megan’s car regularly sits idle on her drive way but with hiyacar she’s been able to earn extra income which she has put towards travelling. Megan’s also been lucky enough to receive flowers and ribbons after her car was used as a bridal carriage. Never one to sit still, she’s already got adventures planned to the Peak District and Sheffield – both funded by other people’s trips in her car with hiyacar. Through sharing her car, Megan can now afford to travel more and enjoy adventures in and outside of the UK.

2. Earn from your home whilst your out of town with UnderTheDoormat

If you’re planning a weekend away or a longer summer holiday and looking for a hassle-free way to earn money whilst you’re out of town, rent out your property to a friendly traveller looking for an authentic experience.

UnderTheDoormat allows you earn effortless income, will ensure your home is professional cleaned on your return and will manage everything for you so you can kick back and relax and maximise the value of your home. How much you can earn is dependent on your home’s location, quality and availability. They can organise a personalised quote for you.

3. Rent out your free driveway with JustPark

Twenty-three per cent of car journeys involve some kind of parking-related pain. If you’ve got an empty driveaway, particularly near a city centre or a sports ground, you could earn extra cash by renting out your car parking space with JustPark. Whether that’s 9-to-5 on a weekday or just at the weekend, the easy-to-use app currently helps 20,000 property owners make more efficient use of their assets. Parking starts from just £11 a day and you could earn thousands a year by renting out your space.

4. Rent out your camera or sports equipment with Fat Llama

Rent out your belongings to others nearby with Fat Llama, the rental site for your stuff. From cameras to sports equipment to lawn mowers, there’s no limit to how much extra income you can make from renting out almost anything (within reason) with Fat Llama. For example, bicycles listed can range from £5 to £175 a day whilst guitars are offered between £5 and £75 a day. Everything on the site is also insured.

5. Save money on doggy day care with BorrowMyDoggy

Save money on expensive dog walkers and make sure your pooch is benefitting from more exercise and social interaction by joining the largest dog-loving community, BorrowMyDoggy. The app connects dog owners with trusted local people who would love to look after a dog. Arrange walks or overnight stays with friendly borrowers in your area.

January 2019