The 2018 FIFA World Cup has started, and with it comes an inevitable dose of Russia fever.

It’s the most expensive World Cup ever and the first to be held in Eastern Europe. Now that the tournament has begun, it’s time to dive into all that Russia has to offer. Whether it’s food, art or fashion, get ready for Russian culture to sweep the globe. Check out these websites that celebrate the best of the host nation.


Launched in 1998, Vogue Russia is credited with helping Russian women become more style-conscious and informed. It is easily the most popular glossy magazine there. You may not understand a word, but you’ll enjoy the cool styling and high production values.


Whether you are an oligarch, a footballer or simply a Russophile after a slap-up meal, this is the place to buy delicacies including caviar, rye bread, smoked herrings and vodka. With shops in Fulham and East Finchley, the chain of Russian delis attracts an almost 90 per cent Russian clientele.


This hyper-cool space, which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary and welcomed 700,000 visitors last year, speaks volumes about Moscow today. Dasha Zhukova, the museum’s co-founder (and Roman Abramovich’s ex), says of the young Russians who flock to it: “Their thirst for knowledge and culture is pervasive. They’re global citizens.”


Want to know how to drink tea like a Russian or what to expect when you invite one to dinner? This online resource calls itself a link between Russia and the world. In foreign languages, it publishes accessible, topical reports on Russian politics, public life, culture, business, science and history.


For an even greater flavour of the world’s largest country, follow these Instagram sensations: Natasha Goldberg (@ngoldenberg), stunning creative director and style icon; Maksim Syrnikov (@maksimsyrnikov), chef, cookery writer and self-appointed guardian of authentic Russian food; Rich Russian Kids (@richrussiankids), a mind-boggling riot of yachts, jets and bling; Dmitry Malkov (@onlyminimal), a wildly talented 18-year-old photographer who deftly captures the enchanting Russian landscape.

June 2018