See our edit of the five best websites for all you need to know about Brexit.

It is not easy to stay abreast of the greatest political hot potato of our time. Ever since David Cameron held the EU referendum in June 2016, mere mortals have had to get their heads around a barrage of complex legislation, terms and U-turns. Keeping up is difficult; opting out feels weak. If ignorance is not an option, check out these five sites that simplify and explain the whole conundrum.

The UK in a Changing Europe

An initiative based at King’s College, London, and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, The UK in a Changing Europe is an authoritative and impartial reference point for anybody looking to understand the current relationship between the EU and the UK. It is all here: audio, video, accessible infographics, facts, figures, analysis and research.


The BBC’s Newsround site is designed for – and appeals primarily to – children, obviously. But whether you encourage your kids to have a look or you do so yourself, it is a very enlightening resource on the basics of Brexit and beyond. As you’d expect, it provides digestible answers to the enduring questions.

Brexit Central

This site follows all the twists and turns of the impassioned Brexit debate, from the point of view of those who want to leave the EU. Set up by the political strategist, Matthew Elliott, who spearheaded the Vote Leave campaign, Brexit Central determines to promote a positive vision of Britain after its departure.

Best for Britain

On the other hand, this organisation, lead by figures from the business and charity sectors, is fighting to keep the UK open to EU membership. Its up-to-date maps, research and briefings explain the issues from a Remain perspective.

The New York Times

Perhaps because it is written largely for Americans (rather than for Britons), The New York Times’s news and opinion pieces explain with the utmost clarity the machinations of our decision to leave the EU. Take your pick from hundreds of articles, but be sure not to miss What is Brexit? A Simple Guide to Why it Matters and What Happens Next.

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March 2019