Best Sites for Easter Eggs

The Easter holidays loom, a huge chasm of time to fill, outings to arrange, kids to entertain, Easter bunny to book… To make life a little bit easier for you, we’ve trawled the net to bring you the very best websites for chocolate Easter eggs. Yes, there’s still time for your eggs to come wrapped, boxed and delivered straight to your door. That’s one thing to cross off your To Do List.


Consider Hotel Chocolat as the Net-A-Porter of the chocolate world. High end, witty and chic, their chocolate eggs arrive in stylish keepsake boxes complete with thick satin ribbon. This year’s chocolate Egg on my Face slab, Egg Sandwich and quail egglets will amuse and delight in equal measure.


Yearning for whimsical days and charming chocolates? Made from the finest Swiss Grand Cru, the chocolate from Bettys (est. 1919) is exquisite. Let grownups indulge in the spring flowers egg with bluebells and blooms and littles feast on hand decorated chicks.


If couture did chocolate, it would be by Artisan du Chocolat. You’ve got to see it to believe it. The delight is in the details. Note the 18 carat gold leaf adorned egg and the balloon eggs ‘floating’ high on edible strings.


If you’re going to do Easter properly, look to artisan chocolatier Rococo known for it’s carefully crafted stunning treats and equally beautiful packaging. See the salted caramel seagull eggs and Roald Dahl The Roly Poly Bird Easter Egg.


This West Sussex-based chocolatier uses single-origin cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic and creates Fairtrade and organic chocolates. Worthy of a shoutout are their marbled chocolate animals created out of a swirling mix of dark, milk and white chocolate.


Easter eggs needn’t mean refined sugar and trans-fat. Discover Rawr Chocolate that sells handmade chocolates with natural dairy-free ingredients and no artificial nasties. This organic, health conscious alternative to the mass manufactured Easter eggs seems positively good for you.


Organic and fairtrade chocolatier Green & Blacks sell traditional chocolate eggs in our favourite flavours. Tried the New dark with Anglesey sea salt thin chocolate bar? Their Easter tasting collection egg includes twenty-four miniature bars.


When you want to show you’ve made an effort but don’t fancy blowing your budget, scroll straight over to the personalised classic chocolate eggs at Thornton’s. This age-old high street chocolatier is rather like a comfort blanket, reassuring, consistent and inexpensive.


If it tastes good enough for Her Majesty The Queen, it’s just dandy for us. Prestat is the royal chocolatier and has released a Hot Cross Bun Spiced Easter Egg for 2017. Get the tongues wagging, corgis and all.


Marks & Spencer always goes to town at Easter. Aside of the crowd-pleasing Frozen Arandelle Castle and Percy Pig offerings, special mention goes to the dark chocolate quirky bunny with its quirky golden dusted exterior.

March 2017