Looking back on our guest editors’ most recommended podcasts, apps and sites in 2019.

As the year winds up, it is naturally a time for reflection. And with 2019 approaching its close, it’s an apposite moment to look back on the year we’ve had, and the many wonderful interviewees who have taken the time to recommend their favourite digital hotspots, from brilliant websites to compelling podcasts, useful apps to their most loved social media mavens. Not only do these tips give a fascinating insight into our guests’ luminary lives, but they can often prove endlessly helpful in our own.

If you do anything for long enough you start to be able to pick out trends, a rule that has proved true amongst our esteemed guest editors’ interviews. Certain recommendations just cropped up again and again. And so we present to you the most-mentioned of 2019”


Business of Fashion
Offering informed analysis and opinion on the fashion world, Business of Fashion is frequently described as an ‘indispensible’ resource for industry folk.

Mad About The House

A 2019 GWG Award-winner, Kate Watson-Smyth’s site for all the gorgeous things she can’t place in her day job as an interiors journalist is a perennial favourite.

Net A Porter
Every fashionista’s one-stop-shop, with hot takes on every season’s catwalk looks.


Desert Island Discs
A favourite, year after year: since its first airing in 1942, Desert Island Discs’ format has been the stalwart constant in our lives.

The High Low

Dolly Alderton can, in our collective eyes, do no wrong. This pop culture podcast, with her co-host Pandora Sykes, is a must-listen for many of our guest editors.

How I Built This
Our interviewees have frequently found Guy Raz’s look at how the world’s best-known companies were built compelling.


The investigative deep-dive into unresolved crimes is as gripping now as when it first launched.

Desert Island Dishes
Hosted by Margie Nomura, it does exactly what Desert Island Discs does, but with food. What’s not to love?

Internet Hero

This has been the year of Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old climate activist who has addressed Congress and the UN, and travelled across the Atlantic by boat.


This one isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Our most popular guest editors in 2019

Marissa Hermer
The Ladies of London star and cookbook writer is a big fan of Pod Save America and Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations.

Dan Jones

The best-selling historian and TV presenter bigs up blogger David Allen Green and shares how he met his great collaborator, the digital artist, Marina Amaral via Twitter.

Sara Tasker
The Instagram coach, author and social media influencer favours Instragrammer @errer_n and the blog, Wait But Why.

Joa Studholme
Farrow and Ball’s colour consultant hails Tim Berners-Lee as the ultimate Internet hero (makes sense), and adores a good podcast, from The Adam Buxton Podcast to classic investigative crime series, Serial.

Kitten Grayson

Kitten Grayson, the inspirational florist renowned for her romantic arrangements and installations, recommends the Gardens Illustrated app and looks up to Skye Gyngell as her internet hero.

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By Nancy Alsop

December 2019