A high street store with a designer website

Oasis is a high street favourite, selling affordable clothing and accessories. It also has a surprisingly appealing and good quality website.


A black interface on any website usually does it a disservice being a heavy and off-putting presence for the viewer, but it seems to work here. The homepage has a large, high-fashion style photo, which lets you forget for a moment that you are shopping at a high street store, though the prices bring you back to earth with a welcoming bump. There are also discounts for students and free postage and packaging for orders over £100.


Search via the categories listed down the left hand side of the homepage for shirts, skirts, jewellery, watches, coats, jackets and more. Products are accompanied by clear photography and it is easy to process your order. If you’re not looking for a specific product, you can search by Exclusive Brands, Workwear, Occasionwear, Trends, or, if you’re looking for a bargain, in the Sale.


Aligning itself with other high quality fashion sites, Oasis has provided a virtual fitting room, where you can try on outfits and mix and match clothes and accessories. Even more impressive are the Oasis Edits and Oasis Preview sections, where magazine-style fashion guides have been put together based upon popular or upcoming trends – and there is even a fashion Blog for you to peruse while you’re online. A very fashion forward, user-friendly site.