Google takes its first steps into the world of social networking. Join early and help shape its future.

The Google+ Project is the latest string to the internet giant’s bow: a social networking site, designed to make sharing photos and communicating with your friends online, much easier.

Google+ have quite a mountain to climb here, however. Facebook is very well-established and most people may not want to bother themselves by starting afresh on a different (and relatively empty) social network. However, there are a couple of aces in Google’s pack that may eventually win over the crowd, such as the idea of Circles.


Circles allow you to put your friends and acquaintances into different circles, just as they are in real life, meaning you can separate your friends, family and colleagues and choose what you want to share with whom. Likewise, it may also spare you from unwanted exposure to such photos as your third cousin’s grinning mini-break to Norfolk with his girlfriend. Sparks is another clever feature of Google+. Sign up to areas that interest you (film, gardening, football) and receive links to relevant websites.

The site definitely feels more sophisticated than Facebook, which after five years of general use is looking a little tired. The Google+ project is in its infancy, so it remains to be seen as to whether it will become a worthy adversary to the mighty Facebook, but if social networking is an integral part of your life, you may find that it will tick some of the boxes that Facebook doesn’t. If you are interested in being a social media trailblazer, find a friend who is already using Google+ and get them to invite you to join.

13 July 2011