Bon Vivant

Experience the luxury of having your own lifestyle manager.

Bon Vivant is one of the UK’s leading luxury concierge companies, set up by Emyr Thomas in 2009. Based in London and designed to help busy people manage their lives, Bon Vivant will use their insider knowledge and expertise to smooth your way towards a stress-free, enjoyable and high-end lifestyle.


You will be allocated your own personal lifestyle manager and can nominate one other person (spouse or assistant, for instance) to use the service at no additional cost. Your personal concierge will get to know your tastes, likes and dislikes, and should therefore be able to provide you with a truly bespoke concierge service, tailor-made to your specific needs.


Bon Vivant’s exemplary concierge services stretch across the board, from booking the hottest tickets to the theatre or getting a table at an over-subscribed restaurant, to offering travel assistance and discounts to boutique hotels. You could gain VIP access to exclusive clubs, sold out events and get your hands on priority reservations and hard-to-get tickets. Bon Vivant, however, is not all about living the high life; their lifestyle managers will help you with problems in the home too, such as moving house, finding a new nannie or calling out a good plumber.


Bon Vivant offers personal concierge and corporate concierge memberships on an annual and monthly basis. They also offer a London concierge service on an ad hoc basis, ideal for those who are just passing through the city, including regular business travellers.

27 February 2012