Anna Sui, the New York designer, has given the winter FitFlop an upgrade with the limited edition Shakoha boot. This season's winter collection has definitely improved on last year's and with Anna Sui on board, the must-have footwear looks set to reach new fashion heights.

Hitherto, the FitFlop has been featured on the Health & Beauty channel, but with Anna Sui on board, the FitFlop now has real design credentials, making the Shakoha boot the ultimate fashion accessory, letting you exercise with style.


Combining the designer's unique take on hippy luxe and FitFlop's innovative Microwobbleboard TM technology, these studded suede shearling-lined boots will add an instant hit of bohemian stride to your look, with the added bonus that you'll get a workout too. Choose from chocolate, black or teal and see your figure transformed and your style status soar. Only available at Net-A-Porter for £175, the Shakoha boot is selling fast so be sure to get your order in now.


Marcia Kilgore, founder of Bliss and the brains behind FitFlop, bumped into her old friend Anna Sui unexpectedly at the Garren Salon in New York. Anna was already the owner of a pair of the leg-toning footwear as she'd noticed that everyone in her office was wearing them and extolling the FitFlops' virtues. Whilst chatting, Kilgore had a light bulb moment and realised that Sui would be the perfect match for the brand, asking her if she would be interested in designing a limited edition boot. And thus the Shakoha boot was borne.


For those who've missed out on the FitFlop wonder footwear to date, Marcia Kilgore launched the brand in 2007. The thigh and bottom busting footwear became an instant hit selling more than four million pairs, gaining a cult following worldwide and the rest they say is history. As worn by a woman near you.

14th November 09