Belen Echandia

A best-kept-secret if you are looking for an exclusive and gorgeous handbag

Belen Echandia is a stylish site selling beautiful, luxurious handbags.

At Belen Echandia luxury means exquisite craftmanship and materials, all their bags are hand made by a European Atelier in very limited quantities. This exclusivity means you don't have to worry about seeing anyone else with your bag and their bespoke service allows you to choose your leather and colour.

The attractively designed site allows you to browse through categories with quirky names; Take me anywhere, Indulge me, Clutch me, Carry me with style, Stroke me, Take me away and Hold me. The bags are beautifully displayed on site with images that look like they have come from the pages of a fashion magazine.

There are some gorgeous bags on offer, like the fuchsia Hold me, also available in an ultra fashionable metallic silver and the heavenly Take me anywhere, a butter soft leather oversized day bag.

Belen Echandia is one of a new generation of luxury companies which focus on the return to excellent customer service and high- quality, small-scale production on a global scale. Their reputation has grown through word of mouth, a best-kept secret shared by stylish women throughout the world.

Founded by Jackie Cawthra, a lawyer who developed a love of handbags whilst working in Madrid, she succumbed to her passion for luxurious leather-goods and founded Belen Echandia in 2003.

Belen Echandia's new collection has a silky fuchsia lining, updated hardware and a new B.E logo. The bags are made in Italy from the softest calf leather and cowhide and some fantastic metallic snakeprints.

Prices range from £160 to £495. Postage and packing costs £9 within the UK and you will have your beautiful bag within three to five days, they also ship worldwide.