Wendy Tan White, founder of Moonfruit, the design-led DIY website builder, shares her favourites sites.

Wendy Tan White is the founder and CEO of Moonfruit, a design-led DIY website builder company – "We do all the hard work so that you can be free to design your own website in just a few hours with no technical knowledge." Wendy's aim is to democratise the web and to this end, Moonfruit has just launched a Shopbuilder which means you can create your own shop which will publish to mobile and Facebook automatically.  Since the launch in October 2011, over 60,000 shop sites have been developed and worldwide over 4 million websites have been created in the last 12 years, 1.5 million in the last 12 months. Wendy has won many awards but winning Entrepreneur of the Year at the CWT everywoman in Technology Awards in 2011 was a highlight.  

As well as running Moonfruit, Wendy is mother to a 7-year-old and 4-year old.  She lives in west London with Joe, her husband and the COO of Moonfruit.  


Designers Guild – When my home feels neglected (as it frequently does), I make it feel better by treating it to something bright and colourful from this stylish homeware shop. An antidote to greige!

Tech Crunch – The site that has all the up-to-date news and stories on the tech world including start-ups and investing.

Reuters – Another site which is excellent for all news as well as tech news – and (declaration of interest coming up) it includes a regular blog by Joe White.

Water Forward – A simple idea to provide fresh water for 1 billion people who don't yet have access. You can easily donate $10 using social media and to spread the word.

The Kernel – Edited by Milo Yiannopoulos, this site publishes high-quality writing about the way technology is rapidly changing our lives and is not afraid of debate, comment and controversy!

Hsaba – My father is Burmese so this blog is one of the many that I follow to source recipes and chat about Burmese life and food.  

Pinterest – This online pinboard helps you to organise your life and to share the things you love: recipes, kids, photos, crafts, storage, motivational words and much much more.

20 March 2012