Former MasterChef winner, food writer and co-owner of Wahaca, Mexican restaurant chain, picks her favourite sites.

Thomasina Miers won BBC2's MasterChef in 2005. She is a cook and food writer whose work has ranged from cheese-making and running market stalls in Ireland to opening a large restaurant and cocktail bar in Mexico City.  Following her win, she spent 6 months cheffing at Petersham Nurseries Café under Skye Gyngell.  She then went on to open Wahaca, a group of restaurants that cook fresh food inspired by the markets of Mexico, using sustainably caught fish, well-reared meat and recycling everything down to its food waste. 

Tommi has written for Waitrose Food Illustrated, the Financial Times, the Guardian and The Times. She has written and co-edited four cookery books (Soup Kitchen; Cook; Wild Gourmets), the last of which was published in March 2010, Mexican Food Made Simple.  She has presented various cookery TV programmes, including A Cook’s Tour of Spain and is the face of British markets, NABMA.  She shops at her local market in keeping with her love of simple, seasonal cooking.

THOMASINA'S FAVOURITE SITES, Topshop, Whistles – For buying clothes online and generally ogling the latest fashion, these sites give me a great cross section of what is around.

Stylist - For fun bites on food, fashion, and all sorts of other things.

Eat The Seasons - Whenever I want to cook anything, or create a recipe for someone, this is my first port of call.  It is clear, well laid-out and inspires me with a mouth-watering list of fruit, vegetables and fish in season in any given month.  Cooking this way round, devising recipes from what is around, is like cooking with whatever you’ve found at the market.  The only way to cook.

London Eating - For restaurant reviews by the public.  I never rely on one review but if you look across the reviews you generally get a good feel for what a restaurant is like.  I can’t wait until they roll it out across the country.

Word of Mouth, The Times, - Great online news from my favourite newspapers ... now I no longer have to have paper cluttering up my house the whole time.  I just pick the features I am most interested in reading.

YouTube - Not only for music videos, but also for seeing recipes online, silly footage and watching a two minute clip that will put a smile on my face in the middle of the day.

29 June 2010