Ronit Zilkha, world-renowned fashion designer and founder of Lullilu, shares her favourite websites.

Ronit Zilkha is a world-renowned fashion designer, whose brand was available in her own prestige shops, as well as premium stores such as Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols. Her designs were worn by royalty and celebrities alike, but her creations also sold in huge quantities to women the world over.

Ronit has recently launched a new online venture called Lullilu, Created by Ronit Zilkha.The philosophy of the collection is to have a handful of precious, up-to-date pieces, all designed to be worn over and over again from season to season; a capsule collection of easy-going, down-to-earth classics with a twist, for the modern woman, whether in the workplace or at home. The range is made in 100% pure cashmere, 100% pure cotton and other luxurious blends, handmade in Nepal and Britain in small factories. Ronit and Lullilu have featured in The Times, You Magazine and The Evening Standard. Ronit's tie neck tops attracted a tremendous following after appearing in The Sunday Times Style Magazine.


From Tom Ford to Gina Ford - Columnist at British ELLE, known as Mademoiselle in the ELLE office, but more of a Madame, really... Stacey Duguid’s blog and tweets are always so funny and so real. I love her sense of humour and the way she interprets everything in everyday life.

Colossal - Artistic, clever and very inspiring; this site is not like the normal art blogs that you find; it's very different and I love the way Christopher explores the intersections between art, design, and physical craft.

Ocado - Living in London, not driving but tubing everywhere, Ocado is perfect and quick. I don’t remember the last time I have been in a supermarket as it takes so much time and I would rather put the time saved into the more precious things in life.

Amazon Trade In - Obviously Amazon is everyone's top site and I use it like a bible when I need something unusual which is tricky to get anywhere else. Trade In is new for me and I found it by chance. Since then, we have traded lots of music and children's books that we would have given away or disposed off and it is a nice way of recycling the stuff for a little amount of money to buy something else.

We Heart - I love online lifestyle and design magazines that mix different cultures. We Heart is more international than other blogs and it stays true to what it believes in, the best in design, culture and lifestyle, always coming up with new and fresh things.

Alice Pyne - Alice is 16 years old and has terminal cancer. She has created a bucket list as there are so many things that she still wants to do in her life. Her blog documents this precious time with her family and friends. In her words, “You only have one life ... live it!” It is blogs like these that makes you realise how precious time is...

The Travelwrap Company - Whenever one needs a luxurious gift that says it all and doesn’t involve knowing a person's size, this is genius as one fits all. These cashmere wraps are so beautifully presented that they always get a 'Wow' reaction. Everyone always says, “I always wanted one of these …”

19 June 2012