Linda Pilkington, founder of perfume house, Ormonde Jayne, picks her favourite websites.

Perfumer Linda Pilkington has a talent for alchemy and her search for the rarest ingredients for Ormonde Jayne’s luxurious range of fragrances has taken her from Madagascar to the Amazon. Perfumes include award-winning Ormonde Man, the seductive signature scent with black hemlock absolute and Oudh oil, and the magnificent floral Tiare Parfum a gardenia flower from Tahiti. The range includes hand-poured scented candles, including one scented with Osmanthus, a fruity white flower from Japan and China.

Ormonde Jayne has grown since the first boutique opened in The Royal Arcade in Mayfair ten years ago with a flagship store in Sloane Square, and points of sale in Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Istanbul, Dusseldorf, Brussels & Zurich and a busy online boutique and blog with customers around the world. Fans addicted to Ormonde Jayne include Yasmin le Bon, Elton John, Will Smith, Bryan Ferry and Emma Thompson.

This February, The Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park will introduce Isfarkand bathroom products in all their rooms, an elegant cologne with pink pepper and mandarin.


Net-A-Porter -  I don’t always have time to shop & the team at net-a-porter give you great ideas and great service. I have been using it from when it first launched and it just keeps on improving. Their delivery is so reliable I even ordered something while I was on holiday once & it came bang on time.

Augustus Brant Antiques - An amazing store in Petworth in West Sussex with many 18th century Gustaivan pieces. I find myself logging on every night just to check am hooked.

Witness on BBC World Service Radio - I picked up a serious BBC World Service Radio habit while I was living abroad for many years, although it’s impossible now to tune in from Europe, being able to listen online compensates. Witness is on daily and incredibly well produced. It’s ten minutes of history told by people who have actually been directly involved with a historical event and tell their story first-hand. One day you hear a 94 year old who volunteered for the Spanish civil war when he was 16 years old, and another day it’s on the launch of Chanel No. 5 with archive Coco Chanel or the person who made the first bungee jump. They are always riveting and it’s a great way to make history more enticing for children.

Is it going to rain tomorrow? - It is so simple – just one word on a blank screen and nothing else. It simplifies all your needs and then answers them. What could be better?

Perfume Shrine - It’s perfume writing at its best with by an academic, an aesthete and an artist. Elena Vosnaki has a talent for writing about perfume in such a fascinating and intelligent way with this intellectual and historical twist.

Ettinger - Ettinger make these impeccable leather goods and its online store is where I go for gifts as delivery and service is perfection. The products, which have a delectable smell of leather, are all handcrafted in Britain and it is generations old. I just bought a gorgeous red leather whisky flask for a friend’s birthday that wowed him.

7 February 2012