Dan Lepard, baker extradordinaire and Guardian columnist, picks his favourite sites.

Dan Lepard is one of the coolest baking dudes on the web, and the Guardian and Mumsnet’s guru when it comes to bread, cookies and everything floury in-between. Acclaimed as one of the finest bakers in the world, Dan has worked at some of London's best restaurants including Alastair Little, St John and Locanda Locatelli and was consultant baker at Baker & Spice. His book The Handmade Loaf - the bread geeks bible - together with his online baking forum have helped get good bread back on track for artisan bakers the world over. He lives in London with his partner David and their net savvy cat Webster.


The Guardian - Outside the UK, the Guardian website is so important to many people I meet. If I'm introduced to a complete stranger and say that I write for the Guardian, more often they'll quickly say, 'that's the website I go to online.' The food coverage is quirky and bright, the life and style section is truly stylish, and the news coverage is excellent.

David Lebovitz - I don't know how he does it. He blogs, he tweets, he writes with a vigour and style that makes you want to live his life and cook/bake exactly as he does. His photographs have relaxed warmth to the composition, colourful without being overly saturated and, most importantly, show you just what good ingredients should look like at their best.

Epicurious - The ultimate food archive. If you want to have at hand the most extraordinary collection of classic recipes you can't do better than this. When I want to check just what the traditional version of a dish should be, I look here.

Sourdough Companion - Hardcore sourdough geekery for passionate (aka sometimes spiky) breadheads around the world. If you want the mysteries of sourdough bread made clearer, you'll find the answers here. Graham Prichard and his son Maedi, who designed the site, have done so much to promote good sourdough baking that they should be given some sort of noble gong by the Aussie government.

The Fresh Loaf - For general bread baking, this site is a bubbling torrent of ideas, photographs, recipes and conversations that will improve anyone’s baking. Floyd, who runs the site, manages to encourage vigorous debates on baking techniques and recipes while avoiding it turning into a heavy bun fight. Intelligent discussions on making the best bread imaginable.

Laundry Etc - A delicate, funny, and sweet look at English life surrounded by beautiful fabrics and curious household objects, written and photographed by Gloria Nicol. Right now there is a detailed how-to on making your own candied angelica, and how to turn it into a glistening cordial. The shop is full of all those good things that make a home sweet

5th May 10