Alec Lynch, founder of DesignCrowd, design crowdsourcing marketplace, picks some favourite business sites.

Alec Lynch is the founder and CEO of DesignCrowd, one of the biggest online design crowdsourcing marketplaces in the world.

After witnessing the backlash from the media and public after the 2007 London Olympics' logo announcement, that cost £400,000 and took a year to make, Alec knew his business idea would disrupt the traditional design marketplace and help small business get cheaper, faster, more creative design.

Alec quit his full-time job to work on DesignCrowd from his mum's garage. $3M in venture capital and eight local crowdsourcing sites later, Alec has established himself and DesignCrowd as a pioneer in the crowdsourcing space. He now runs a community of over 110,000 designers, that provide affordable, high quality designs to entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world.


Google Adwords - The best way to drive traffic and measure sales. Perfect for testing a minimum viable product (MVP) or for scaling a business in a new market. Instant, measurable, worldwide distribution from 1 cent per click. Nothing beats it.

Google Analytics - Purely for online businesses to monitor all traffic and visitor behaviour. Google Analytics and Adwords are the essentials to your startup’s toolkit.

Optimizely - An A/B testing tool that's absolute gold for unlocking tweaks that can make you millions. Optimizely recently raised $28M and it's no wonder - see the founder's presentation on how they made Obama's campaign $60M.

Alexa - A quick and useful tool providing real-time information that lets you analyse how your competitor is performing, and measure how much traffic a website receives. Get data insights about competitors, potential acquisition or strategic partner targets.

Yammer - An internal social network that our team loves. Perfect for building company culture when your startup reaches more than two people. I use Yammer to keep connected to our Sydney office when I'm in the US and the team use it for circulating memos at my expense.

Pandora - An internet radio station that plays 24/7 in our office and, for a tiny monthly fee, contributes massively to overall team happiness! Our music-loving team play the DJ and create radio stations featuring their favourite artists and tracks.

24 April 2013