Insta picks for joy, style and house envy by Rowan Grace Evans from Our Edit.

‘My sister [fellow journalist Morag Turner] and I have always loved fashion and lifestyle magazines, and we often found ourselves sharing tips and advice between ourselves, as well as with friends,’ says Rowan Grace Evans, former BBC journalist who co-founded online magazine Our Edit with her sister. ‘And that is really where Our Edit was born. We don't claim to be the most fashionable, or on trend, but we know what we like and are really happy in our own style, be that in how we dress, host a dinner party, or decorate our homes - so we thought we would write about what we love.'

Following a career as a BBC journalist, Rowan Grace Evans moved in to digital publishing, helping brands create compelling content. Rowan loves helping companies tell their story but her roots as a writer meant that she missed creating content for herself. This love of writing, combined with her passion for all things fashion and lifestyle led her to set up Our Edit.

‘Instagram is a huge source of inspiration for Our Edit, mainly because it’s so visual. I follow a range of accounts, from lifestyle and wellness, to fashion and beauty, and of course, as a mummy to an 18-month-old little girl, I love following other stylish mums.’

Here, Rowan picks her favourite feeds.


We love everything about Wardrobe Icons. Laura and Petro focus on classic style and investment pieces rather than fast fashion and always look amazing. So stylish and so us.


Amanda edits Nine in the Mirror, the stylish destination site for all things maternity. She also has two little girls and I just love the images she shares of life as a mum. Proof that you don't need to lose you identity when little people come along.


While I find Instagram really inspirational I do sometimes need a bit of a reality check while I scroll. The Midult is just that. Full of funny and apt quotes and phrases, which so accurately sum up real life, it’s the perfect reminder that life isn't all about flatlays.


I am so interested in the wellness industry, both personally and professionally. I love to keep up with the latest brands and products. From yoga retreats to natural beauty products Well To Do is the perfect feed for all things wellness.


It’s no secret that we are fans of interiors, and US based design studio and store, Studio McGee is our go-to insta feed for simple, stylish interiors inspiration, not to mention a serious dose of house envy!

April 2017