Angela Ene', founder and CEO of Modafirma, shares her top five blogs.

Modafirma was founded in 2012 by Angela Ene’. Dedicated to women’s fashion, the website stocks exquisitely designed clothing and accessories by emerging artists. Classic pieces combine with directional styles in an extremely eclectic collection – so there is something for everyone, whatever their vibe.

Here Angela shares her top five blogs.

Tartan Brunette

Tartan Brunette is one of my favourite bloggers primarily because she focuses purely on all things sustainable. A large portion of Modafirma’s focus is the slow fashion sustainable market. Her blog the “Sustainable edit” focusses on the capsule wardrobe using slow fashion wardrobe essentials. Perfect advice for the Modafirma stylish women on the go!

Sustainability In Style

Katie Roberts is is a former environmental scientist and literally “practices what she preaches” she puts the intellectual into blogging and succinctly demonstrates why it is so important to put thought into the whole consumer -shopping process. One purchase can make a whole lot of difference to a whole lot of people.

Who What Wear

This is an all-time favourite. Every “Chica” needs to read this. This offers great insight into what everyone is wearing, information on the latest trends, style inspiration like no other and a fair bit of fashion gossip.

Business of Fashion

For me this is an important read, it offers up to date informative industry news as well as well researched insights on the latest innovations being made with online fashion and the fashion sector overall. For me it’s the “economist of the fashion industry” a total must read.


This blog appeals to the pure fashionista within. I adore clothes… Eva McMahon really takes amazing shots and effortlessly puts random things together in such a chic, “Londonesque” way. Additionally she gives great insights into social media influencer techniques which are tremendously important for any online fashion platform.

December 2018