How social media helps the wallpaper and fabric designer and her top five Instagram feeds.

‘Social media has been vital to my company’s development and exposure,’ says Juliet Travers, wallpaper and fabric designer who launched her own company in 2013. ‘It has connected me with designers, artists and bloggers from all over the world, that I would never have discovered or been able to engage with using traditional marketing platforms.’

Prior to going solo, Juliet worked for de Gourney, Colefax and Fowler, Fox Linton and Cole and Sons. Her eponymous designs featuring animals from all over the world are works of art. Think leopards hiding in trees, elephants at a watering hole, metallic flamingos and guinea fowl in flocks.

Not only does Instagram help Juliet research, shop and source inspiration. It has also created direct sales and new distributors and stockists across the globe. ‘It’s definitely safe to say that without it, the company would be in a very different place,’ remarks Juliet. ‘I just feel very fortunate to be living in a time where young companies like mine have a chance to make an impression in a very competitive industry.’ This year, Juliet is expanding into stationery and luxury wrapping paper to match existing wallpapers and fabrics.


Kelly’s colourful images radiate luxury and a passion for design. Her diverse collaborations are exciting, particularly her recent work with Compartes Chocolatier, which resulted in limited edition packaging designs. Collaborating with brands outside of the interiors industry is a dream of mine.

@mollymahon and @arumfellow

Molly Mahon and A Rum Fellow are examples of how you meet like-minded companies via social media.

Our prints compliment each another so I often find myself recommending them to clients looking for coordinating fabrics or accessories. Through social media, we have actually become great friends and its helpful for us all to exchange ideas and advice as we all grow.


This is an amazing example of how a commercial hotel chain still manages to create a unique, homely feel in each room. Many interior designers, particular those working on commercial projects tend to play it safe with their design and colour choices but Kit is the complete opposite and strikes a great balance between beauty and functionality.


The artist Emily Mann creates the most beautiful marks, textures and patterns with a limited use of colour. You literally feel like you are in her studio and her use of just indigo and gold is staggering! I love seeing ’behind the scenes’ via Instagram because you get a true and honest picture of the ‘who’ ‘what' and 'why' behind the brand.


Working as Showroom Manager in the de Gournay flagship store in London fuelled my passion to create my own high-end designs. The quality of their products is exquisite. Every order is bespoke and hand painted to match the requirements of each individual client. To see a company modernise a traditional product and keep up with current trends is very exciting.

February 2017