You can’t beat The Modern House for high class property porn.

How do you know when your sensibilities have hit peak middle age? There are, of course, various signifiers: spending your money on good quality sensible items, such as Barbour jackets. A new preference for nights in watching Poirot (Scandi noir if you’re feeling edgy) over raucous nights out. Decaff tea. A baffling level of excitement over kitchen paraphernalia. The belief that wood-burners and butler’s sinks are the true keys to happiness. Slippers.

But there is one symptom that is far and away the most rife and pervasive of all: property. And, to be more specific, the ogling of it. If, like us, you find yourself puzzled over a newfound compulsion to bookmark house search sites on your homepage – even when you have absolutely no intention of moving – do not be alarmed. You are not alone, and there is a cure.

Actually, forget the last sentiment: there is no cure. But there is a better way of indulging the property addiction, and that is by hanging on every post put out by the confoundingly brilliant @themodernhouse. It’s not often that estate agents get labelled heroes but, for us, the discerning folk at The Modern House have more than earned the accolade, if only thanks to elevating our horribly acquisitive obsession to something altogether loftier. Poring over its Insta feed allows us to feel that we’re not simply covetously eyeing up property several notches out of our price bracket. No, no, no. We are, instead, discerning admirers and self-appointed critics of the design seen on its grid, which feels no different to that of an interiors magazine.

We have no idea by what sorcery The Modern House manages to only unearth homes to sell that appear to have wandered out of World of Interiors, but we do know that we like it. And we fully appreciate that, despite the fact we are of course kidding ourselves, this account allows us to pretend that we’re not the property obsessed people we hoped we’d never be. (Naturally, the truth of the matter is that we covet every little square – but at least here we can make-believe that we’re just getting design inspiration. Which in part we are). After all, who doesn’t want to live here or here or here?

@themodernhouse, for your superior take on property porn: you’re our hero.

By Nancy Alsop
November 2020


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