A big thank you to SEB for ten weeks’ worth of kitchen discoing and then she fell off her bike... but is OK, thankfully.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Insta feed makes for a fun scroll at the best of times. During lockdown, it’s got even better – and if we’re ever finding home-schooling hard, we pause and take a moment to remember that some of us have five children to teach/ entertain/ fetch a bafflingly never-ending stream of snacks for.

And yet despite juggling a quintet of offspring, SEB has somehow managed to find the time to tirelessly bring us a lockdown Friday night disco, singing and dancing like a champion while – often – all five of her sons run about and join in (and occasionally casually, and slightly impressively, ignore her despite the glitter ball and her remarkable array of matching sequined outfits). She’s now winding up the disco kitchen, but any time we want a hit of Saturday Night Fever style at-home boogie time, we just have to raid her feed and then it’s up to us to strut between the fridge and the cooker like John Travolta himself. Outfits optional. This is our way of saying thank you for ten weeks of Friday fun.

It’s also a great reminder of what a naturally brilliant, bell-like voice she has. If you’ve never listened to her collaborations with Ed Harcourt – notably the gorgeous Young Blood – we suggest you do, immediately. So thanks again for entertaining us through our confinement and helping keep lockdown murder on our kitchen dancefloors that little bit less likely.

By Nancy Alsop
June 2020


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