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Few are the parents in the land who haven’t, at some point in the past weeks, torn their hair out with some sort of home school-induced exasperation. This is not because we’re a nation of impatient, lazy or incapable monsters who can’t impart any knowledge to our offspring. It is simply that trying to keep up a house and, for some, a job while concurrently being a parent AND a teacher is a juggling act too far for most. And then there’s that children really need to learn from a range of adults who are not us and frequently respond differently (better!) to their teachers.

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Baking tray fairy garden! Today we created a fairy garden with things we had collected from our garden and on our daily walk. This really was a lovely activity and I was inspired to do this after seeing the spring gardens created by @thejoyjournal Ava absolutely loved collecting all the things to make her garden (it gave our walk a purpose) and she also loved using her imagination to put everything together for the fairies. We are really lucky to have a fairy house (made by one of our very talented family members) so we decided to put the garden next to that, but I actually think with or without that Ava would of loved this. I usually discourage Ava to pick flowers (I always tell her to leave them for the bees and butterflies) but today we picked carefully, making sure we only took a few. We also planted some bee friendly wild flower seeds in the garden today, just to make peace with the few we did pick. ?????????????? ????????????

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Given all this, we are welcoming any input we can get – especially when it comes courtesy of an experienced primary schoolteacher who also happens to have a young daughter herself. @rainbow_school_mama is just such a source of solace and inspiration. She shares not only activities but the realities of life at home trying to teach a child who is in part enjoying so much time with her parents, but also missing school, routine, teachers and friends. Which pretty much describes all of our kids right now.

Rainbow_school_mama gives sweet, fun ideas for activities that range from cake-making to story maps, to blowing food dye bubbles and making art work out of it. It’s low-tech, friendly and realistic advice and completely devoid of smugness (she frequently gives a nod towards to the stress and attendant meltdowns, which for non-teachers, is reassuring to say the least). We love her project-based ideas for learning to read, discovering about hard and soft objects, making flower-infused perfume and her brilliant ‘egg-smash’ game. Innovative and actually engaging for younger kids. Thank you rainbow_school_mama, please keep ‘em coming!

By Nancy Alsop
May 2020


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