Feel inspired by the beauty beyond our doorsteps, courtesy of a feed dedicated to the most picturesque places in the country.

If you aren’t feeling pretty hemmed in right now, then bravo: you are in possession of much richer and more resilient inner resources than us. To say that we are longing for a different view of the world is to play down our wishful thinking with the understatement of Jeeves responding to one of Bertie Wooster’s dafter requests (anyone else regularly feel toddler-style tantrums coming on at the sight of pictures of holidays past?) Don’t get us wrong; lockdown has also given us a profound sense of gratitude for that which we do have. But winter devoid of pubs and cafes and theatres and museums certainly does feel harder than the same in spring or summer. Right now, who doesn’t need a little escapism?

All of which is why, this week, we bow down to @photosofbritain for its timely reminder of the beauty that exists to be discovered on these shores. Sure, we may not be able to travel even domestically at the moment, but it at least feels within closer reach than those white-washed Greek villages, Tuscan hill towns or sandy white tropical beaches we’ve been obsessing over so much lately.

Founded by @timholt, a self-confessed ‘Northern English scone scoffer’ who is mainly found in the beautiful Lake District, @photosofbritain posts seasonal images from contributors who tag themselves at the account. The criteria? They must be beauty spots and they must be in Britain. What follows is a truly moving photographic ode to the country.

For is there anything more magical than this image of the 1626 Great Tower at Craigievar Castle, situated in the hills of Aberdeenshire, in the snow? Or this, of The Shambles in York looking like it has wandered straight out of a Harry Potter movie set? The images oscillate between the dreamily bucolic, such as this one of The Roman Bridge in Betws-y-Coed in North Wales; to seascapes, such as this aching beautiful view through a magical door at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, which was built around 1230; right through to the fairytale, such as this gingerbread style pink house in North Devon; to the resplendently urban, such as this shot of St Paul’s Cathedral peeping out at the end of a narrow London street in the City; and finally through to the country’s perfect villages, as displayed this shot of the Bronte sisters’ home of Haworth.

We need all the beauty we can get in our lives, and we’re excited to see the spring images that’ll be popping up on this cheering grid before long. @photosofbritain, for keeping our spirits high, our aesthetic quotient topped up, and for reminding us of all that’s there to be discovered once we’re no longer locked down: you’re our hero.

Picture credits: @theslowtraveler, @whitecliffsphotography, @liamwood_shots, @landmarktrust, @manueljcpaiva

By Nancy Alsop
January 2021

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