From Le Caprice to chicken wars: why we love Nicholas Coleridge.

Are we alone in having a major soft spot for Nicholas Coleridge? The answer is no, of course we’re not. Any Condé Nast alumnus we’ve ever met has only spoken in the most glowing terms of their former editorial director (just check out their inspired series of leaving cards for evidence of such), who stepped down last year and is now chairman for a trio of mighty institutions: the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Prince of Wales' Campaign for Wool, and the Gilbert Trust for the Arts. Some people get all the best gigs – especially when you consider that he’s also ambassador for the ever swoon-inducing Landmark Trust too.

One might expect the figurehead of so many hallowed institutions to be stuffy, grand or vaguely terrifying. Coleridge seems to be none of these things if his Instagram account is anything to go by. Having locked down in his – admittedly spectacular – folly in Worcestershire, he oscillates wildly between posting pictures like this, extolling the glory of sheep and wool, and drawing supremely excellent, good-humoured style comparisons such as this, between his son Tommy and the – at best – questionable Dominic Cummings. Poor old Tommy.

Given his many accolades – best-selling memoirist among them thanks to his excellent The Glossy Years – it stands to reason that his grid is a suitably varied place, from sharing his love letter to Le Caprice here, site of many a Conde Nast brainstorm, to sharing images of Dove Cottage in Grasmere, home of William Wordsworth, whose famous lines, ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ he justly likens to Joni Mitchell lyrics.

We love the excitability of his post documenting the momentous post-lockdown return to eating in restaurants, as much as we do his introduction to the new chicken members of the Coleridge family. As he writes, ‘Four rare breed chickens joined our flock today, and it’s mayhem: hen fights, vicious clawing and a broken wing as they establish the new pecking order. After 30 years at Condé Nast I am an expert on pecking orders, but this is something else, at Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy levels.’ Adorable. We love him.

By Nancy Alsop
July 2020


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