Get an eyeful of nature at its most awesome.

Most of us are, and quite rightly, sick to the back teeth of being reminded of the fact that we haven’t been able to go anywhere this year. Alas, those who did get away, seemingly ubiquitously to a whitewashed Greek isle, were – understandably, we suppose – so pleased with themselves at the fact that they posted incessantly on Instagram, sharing videos of the sounds of gently lapping waves as a kind of public service to the rest of us.

The more gracious amongst us may have met this kindness with serene equanimity. The less benevolently understanding in our number, meanwhile, may have found ourselves in the green-eyed envy camp, vowing through gnashing teeth to have the best holiday of all time in 2021. So there.

There are, however, some travel accounts on Instagram that don’t send us flying into an unbecoming rage, our followers may be relieved to learn. Chief amongst those is @natgeotraveluk, the grid operated by National Geographic Traveller Magazine, which, winningly, transports us to places that are beyond even our dreams for our blinder of a summer holiday next year in a (hopefully) post pandemic world.

There are no glistening waters of infinity pools to see here; instead, we get to see staggeringly beautiful images courtesy of some of the world’s best photographers, such as this line-up of Ibex in an Italian National Park; this impossibly velvety lunar landscape in Morocco; and this extraordinary marriage of lush greenery, glaciers and waterfalls in Switzerland, plus much, much more.

These kind of pictures – holiday snappers take note – remind us of the awesome power of nature and the fact that we will prevail in a way that cocktails on the beach at sunset snaps just never will. Jealous, us? Well maybe just a bit.

By Nancy Alsop
September 2020


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