The Hollywood star – with her cat Clive – has kept us laughing through lockdown.

Do you follow any A-listers on Instagram? If you do, you’ll know that, broadly speaking, they offer fun sneak peeks into the shiny luxurious lives of photoshoots and off-duty selfies with other A-listers. Not so Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram feed (which is not to say that she doesn’t look every inch the Hollywood star; she unfailingly does).

But the main reason we love her so is her fierce – and typically self-deprecating – wit. The images themselves maybe impossibly glam, but the captions are where the true magic happens, unfailingly puncturing the glossy image. Take, for example, the time she was snapped looking better than most and sashaying along in her Julien MacDonald mask, tissue in hand. The accompanying words? ‘Thank you @julienmacdonald for this pretty mask. And thank you to my mum for raising me to always have a balled up bit of kitchen roll ready to strike’.

Or, speaking of her mum, who could fail to guffaw over the image of her stepdad secretly snapped through the window concentrating hard and practising his water pistol aim, accompanied by the caption: ‘One can only hope one’s marriage remains this spicy. My mum is taking sneaky pictures of my stepdad who is presumably practising his aim to give her a jolly good wetting on the landing and rightly so.’

But perhaps the most transfixing lockdown saga of all has been that involving Clive, her cat, the ‘most mixed up delinquent on the block’, who we see variously at the grooming parlour, looking sheepish while unable to get down from a roof (‘she knows she did a bad’), and cast uncannily as a firestarter, aka Keith from the Prodigy.

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We’d expect nothing less. Kate Beckinsale’s comic timing is better than most comedians’, as evidenced by her appearance on every chat show going, and her turn in Love & Friendship, the film based on the little-known Jane Austen epistolary novel, Lady Susan (as an aside, can someone please give her more arch comic roles in this vein? No one is better at them).

In short, she’s a crazy cat lady. But she’s the crazy cat lady we all aspire to be. To Kate and to Clive, the most disdainfully reluctantly obliging feline in the western world: you’re our heroes.

By Nancy Alsop
August 2020


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