Get lost in this beautiful grid, which extols the power and beauty of craftmanship.

Over the past decade or so, an unequivocally good news story has slowly emerged: namely that, collectively, we have cleaved ever closer towards the handmade over the machine-created. And around this rediscovery and new embrace of all that is not mass-produced, a reverence for such skilled work has grown up, whether that talent is centuries old and passed down the generations of a family, or it is newly acquired.

This country – and, of course, the world beyond – is teeming with dedicated and talented craftspeople, whether they deploy their precise arts in carving wooden spoons, in hand-dipping candles, in making furniture or pottery, or in creating the best Japanese knives in the business.

It stands to reason then that there should be a platform dedicated to singing the praises of these devoted and brilliant makers. Enter @holeandcorner, so named after a dreamy phrase that denotes a secret place in which to contemplate and create. Encompassing a print and digital magazine, as well as a physical shop in Bruton, Somerset, which sells a collection of the most exquisite artisan-made goods, we love Hole and Corner’s ruminative articles, which range from the importance of sheds; to what it feels like to be selected for the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition; to drawing inspiration from the wildest landscapes in Scotland.

These are, in short, the kinds of words and worlds we love to get lost in; those that are creative in the word’s truest sense, for the fact that they document experiences that have, in some way, enabled making.

But most of all, we love @holeandcorner’s beautiful little squares. They are, for us, a wonderful way to dip daily into the lives of craftspeople and the places that inspire them. There is not a single shot that is not beautiful in some way and, more often than not, they are mesmerically so.

We may have a long road to travel before until the world stops churning our mass-produced plastic, but there are healthy signs of an ever-growing movement for change; for shopping local and better; for supporting the craftspeople who do such a tremendous job; and for recognising that, until not so very long ago, this was the way we shopped and created what we needed.

For illustrating so beautifully that it can be so again, @holeandcorner: you’re our hero.

By Nancy Alsop
January 2021

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Nancy Alsop


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